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The 26 Women Of The Priya Club
Ava Arden to Helaina Karras

The women of the Priya Club continue to evolve with each new novel. Challenges, choices, events, relationships – any part of their lives can change at a moment’s notice. This is Washington, D.C., after all, a place where nothing is as it seems, anything is possible (when you hold the right cards), and “forever” is defined as the length of an election cycle.

Updates and new information will be added about each of the Priya Club members as their lives grow in hoped for and, sometimes, unexpected directions. As it is for the rest of us, change is the one constant for the Priya Club and for its devoted members.


Ashley Greene imagined as character Ava Arden in the Priya Club novels.
Ashley Greene imagined as character Ava Arden in the Priya Club novels.
Ava Arden, Priya Club Member Number 1

As the Founding Member, Ava holds the secrets of all the Priya Club members. Yes, each member’s truth is known to all members, but collecting seemingly ordinary details about an individual Priya’s life is a skill set unique to Ava.

As an event planner, it is her job to simultaneously see both the big picture and every tiny detail contained within it. While she is conscious of bringing this level of scrutiny to her work, she is not aware of her tendency to apply these lenses to her private life, as well.



Elsa Hosk as Bonner Danilov in The PRIYA CLUB Novels by Ashley Barron
Elsa Hosk imagined as character Bonner Danilov in the Priya Club novels.
Bonner Danilov Priya Club Member Number 2

When Ava suggested the idea of forming a secret club, Bonner was intrigued by the idea of a new way to form bonds with her best friends, and jumped right in as member number two.

For Bonner, understanding the emotional origins of why something happens has always been far more important to her than the actual event itself. It is this same curiosity that led her to pursue a career in investigative journalism, and to expand her pursuit of understanding the human psyche by writing a series of true crime novels.



Gao Yuanyuan Imagined as Chance Kelley in The PRIYA CLUB Novels by Ashley Barron
Gao Yuanyuan imagined as character Chance Kelley in the Priya Club novels.
Chance Kelley Priya Club Member Number 6

Chance sees beauty not as a birthright, but as a series of life choices. Indeed, she calibrates “beauty” in ways most others don’t consider relevant to the subject. For example, no matter the structure of her face, or the condition of her body, a woman who does not take the time to properly care for her possessions cannot be beautiful in the eyes of Chance Kelley.

Beauty leads the way in life because people want to see beauty, be near it, as much as they want to understand how to be seen as beautiful themselves. Chance embraces this idea as her mantra in life, a role which has created headaches for more than a few Priyas, over the years.



Kate Mara Imagined as Devon Conley in The PRIYA CLUB Novels by Ashley Barron
Kate Mara imagined as character Devon Conley in the Priya Club novels.
Devon Conley Priya Club Member Number 8

Devon is the grown daughter of a career politician, and one who has experienced personal tragedy in her life. Over the years, she learned from the best in the business how to fit together half-truths into an image for the public to see and know, without sacrificing the private space we all need.

Devon has an innate ability to cleverly “stitch” together the media elements in a way that gives the illusion of openness without ever showing what’s really going on behind the curtain of privacy. Her talents are an incomparable resource for the Priya Club members who find their personal space disappearing as their fame rises.



Cameron Diaz Imagined as Eden Loring in The PRIYA CLUB Novels by Ashley Barron
Cameron Diaz imagined as character Eden Loring in the Priya Club novels.
Eden Loring Priya Club Member Number 26

Eden, the most unlikely member of the club, is a woman who teaches the Priyas what it is to have unshakeable faith in the power of true forgiveness. Raised in poverty and shame, far away from the privileged worlds of her Washington, D.C., friends, she is still adjusting to the cavalier manner in which the words “apology” and “forgiveness” are thrown around without any healing intention behind the actions.

Eden knows what it means to search for true forgiveness in the deepest parts of one’s own soul. She also knows what it is to gift forgiveness, drawn up from that sacred well, to another human.



Olivia Wilde Imagined as Fallon Knight in The PRIYA CLUB Series by Ashley Barron
Olivia Wilde imagined as character Fallon Knight in the Priya Club novels.
Fallon Knight Priya Club Member Number 13

The fact that she is four years younger than most of the members did not stop a then eight-year-old Fallon from confidently demanding membership in the Priya Club. She came at them from every angle, undeterred by each “no” she received in response to her petitions for inclusion.

Fallon wrote letters, created videos, put up signs around the neighborhood containing a coded message for the Priya Club members. She did a song and dance routine in the school yard during recess, attracting the attention of everyone within earshot. (Even then, Fallon’s ego was dependent upon the adoration of the masses.) Finally, the answer was “yes.” Bigger than membership in the Priya Club, was the early life lesson to Fallon that if one never gives up, one cannot fail.



Gemma Arterton Imagined as Gemma Albright in The PRIYA CLUB Novels by Ashley Barron
Gemma Arterton imagined as character Gemma Albright in the Priya Club novels.
Gemma Albright Priya Club Member Number 5

As a baby, Gemma’s playpen was located beneath the bright lights of a television studio’s set. Her parents, successful television producers in London, decided to relocate their young family to Washington, D.C., when a unique opportunity was offered exclusively to them. By the end of her first week, Gemma, now a fourth grader, knew everyone in the school.

Ava says she befriended Gemma on account of her cool accent. The truth was Ava knew this was a girl who could move seamlessly through any group, and Ava, no fool, even in the fourth grade, wanted that talent working in her own favor. To this day, Gemma is the first one sent in when the Priyas need their own version of reconnaissance.



Tonia Sotiropoulou Imagined as Helaina Karras in The PRIYA CLUB Novels by Ashley Barron
Tonia Sotiropoulou imagined as character Helaina Karras in the Priya Club novels.
Helaina Karras Priya Club Member Number 12

Helaina is a born empire-builder. She knows how to envision and implement a new business as effectively, as quickly, and as accurately as would a Fortune 50 CEO. Her business smarts were never shaped in a classroom, or by text books. They were forged from her earliest days, in the kitchens and dining rooms of her family’s restaurants.

Helaina opened her first restaurant before graduating high school. From there, she has built a global network of restaurants and partnerships that increases every month. She knows how to spot opportunity, and she knows how to make opportunity. Helaina’s keen business sense is often the secret ingredient in a Priya Club member’s successful new venture.


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