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Shop Like A Priya! A new window is opened into the personalities and lifestyles of the Priya Club characters. How do they spend their time? What kinds of gifts do they give? What’s in their closets and on their bookshelves? What are their beauty secrets and favorite collectibles?

See books, clothing, accessories, jewelry, gadgets, household items, and more, that the Priya Club characters enjoy. Learn why those items are special to them. Which ones relate to your life, your style?

All of the items below are for sale on Amazon. For detailed product information, click the images to be connected with Amazon’s website. As you “Shop the Story,” please keep in mind that is an exercise in literary fun. No suggestions or recommendations from imaginary characters are ever intended to substitute for medical advice from your personal doctor.

Ysabel carries her passport with her at all times.

Zara was born in Georgetown, raised in Georgetown, went to college in Georgetown, got married in Georgetown, gave birth to her children in Georgetown, and plans to die — a really long time from now — in Georgetown. Surprisingly, she does travel to places outside Georgetown. But, when she does, she’s always counting down the days until she can return to the cobblestone streets, charming townhouses, and beautiful Potomac River waterfront that form the foundation of her life.



Ulrike was a tiny child the first time her father took her up in his private jet. He had started his career as a military pilot, before launching his own air travel company. Like her father, Ulrike was born to fly. She earned her non-powered aircraft license at 14 years old. On the very day of her 16th birthday, she passed the exam for her private pilot’s license and took her dad up as her very first passenger, in her very first airplane. It was a birthday gift from him, and something most would consider to extravagant. But not Ulrike. She had worked hard for that license, having logged over 2,200 hours (her dad’s requirement) of flying time. Since childhood, Ulrike has dreamed of recreating Amelia Earhart’s attempted circumnavigational flight around the globe. When she does, she’ll be wearing this jacket.

Violet’s grandfather  is the most dashing, elegant gentleman she’s ever known – a living Mr. Darcy! From nearly the day the she was born, he would hold her in the crook of his arm and read to her. Shakespeare, Austen, Byron. Sophocles, Euripides, Plato. He would always act out the voices of the characters, usually causing her to laugh. Even if she didn’t quite understand the humor, she understood her grandfather, his ways, his kindness. When she was old enough to sit quietly through a whole performance, he began taking her to see live theater. Afterwards, always listening patiently to her many questions as she sought to understand what she was seeing, feeling when watching a performance. It is no coincidence, then, that she is now a Broadway star – one still looking for her own Mr. Darcy.

Westyn is famous in Hollywood for her glowing skin. She is regularly approached by beauty companies seeking to hire her for ad campaigns. She has accepted a few of the jobs – it’s hard to turn down that kind of earning power – but she, herself, doesn’t use any commercially made cleansers, moisturizers, or lotions. If she can’t safely eat the product, she won’t use it on her skin. She starts and ends each day with coconut oil as her skin product of choice. Plus one tablespoon of it, down the hatch, every afternoon.


Quinlan was raised by her widowed grandmother in a small apartment a few miles from the modern marvel of a house her mother owned, but occupied infrequently. For most of the last thirty years – nearly the entire of Quinlan’s life – her mom had been bouncing between rehab clinics and lengthy trips to “find herself.” Soccer gave Quinlan an outlet for all that anger she was feeling. It fueled her, focused her. (It was also helpful that her grandmother was a woman who, though gentle about it, would never tolerate bad attitudes or pity parties.) Quinlan volunteers as a mentor for girls who have “lost” still-living parents to drugs and alcohol. She always arrives with a smile in her heart and a soccer ball in her hands.




Marah Prince has a queen-size ego to go with her royal name. She will tell you, with all confidence, that she is the most beautiful, most sought-after member of the Priya Club. The interior of her stately home is a near copy of select rooms at Buckingham Palace. Replicated rooms include The White Room, The Music Room, and Marah’s favorite place to spend a quiet evening, The Throne Room. Few beyond the Priya Club members have ever been granted an invitation to visit her home. Why? Marah prefers to be waited upon, fussed over. Being hostess, tending to guests, is simply too much effort. Why not have the party at your house, instead?

Nanette hears the pilot announce “We are cleared for takeoff” and her heart soars. That plane is taking her someplace wonderful, no matter where it is headed. A seasoned travel writer, she knows she will find what she seeks: love stories, to share with her readers. Nanette packs light, not wanting to be hampered by heavy luggage. Often, she takes only her carry-on, the one that keeps her phone and laptop charged and easily accessible. She never knows when a simple conversation at roadside cafe will develop into her learning someone’s happily ever after tale.

Olive gets teased a lot for using a shower curtain featuring the Periodic Table in her master bath. As research scientist with a double master’s in Chemistry and Biology, those chemical elements have been her trusted companions since she was a child. Her grandma had wanted to be a scientist, but was born into a family, and a time, that wouldn’t nourish that dream. When Olive showed early signs of advanced science and mathematics ability, Grandma surrounded her with every resource she could get her hands on, and every drop of encouragement she could communicate. That’s love, people.

Paige has a child’s ability to suspend reality and immerse herself in a make-believe world all of her own design. A rising star in the art world, she is rarely seen without a paintbrush, or pencil, or marker in her hand. Paige is generally on the quiet side, unless children are present. Then, whatever they’re doing, she’s doing. Yes, that includes getting scraped knees and dirty hands, running through sprinklers in her dress, candy heists, and so much more. Paige’s behavior is often frowned upon by those who don’t know her truth. It is no act: she is innocence personified. Want proof? Not even Marah will take her task for breaking social protocols.

India isn’t only a fashion designer, she’s a lifelong doodler. Like India, every member of the Priya Club has her own nighttime ritual. Some pray, some meditate, some drink wine, some soak in a bath. Wearing her nightgown, and with her face freshly scrubbed, India fills a mug with steaming bone broth, sits down at her kitchen table, and lets her pen wander all across the pages of her design sketchbook. No plan, no client, no sales goals. Just India’s version of cruising the open road.

Jilla was a child the first time she tasted kombucha. It was home-brewed by a neighboring farmer. Jilla sipped and sipped from that glass, mesmerized by the tantalizing mix of sweet and sour. All these years later, and she is now the farmer brewing the kombucha that her children drink daily. Natural carbonation is an integral part of good kombucha, but is hard to achieve without the right lid. These bottles have the perfect seal for a consistently bubbly second fermentation.

Kenna grew up the child of fabric importers. She would spend hours in their giant warehouse, examining every cloth she could reach, taking snippets, putting them together. She was born with an eye for color and, as early as elementary school, often created the fabric pairings that would be featured in her family’s sought-after catalog. By high school, local interior designers vising the fabric showroom would ask for Kenna’s opinion on their latest projects. Her career as a budding interior designer was born. Since that time, Kenna never leaves home without her color wheel!

Lyric is ready for love. She wants to be joined with her soulmate, whoever he is, wherever he is, at the first possible opportunity. The usual methods a single person uses to connect with other single people are a little tricky for Lyric to navigate, given her fame, her father’s fame, and the fact that she doesn’t ever use a computer. She’s a musician, with no interest in a world outside of live music. At the same time, she feeling desperate and lonely and broody. Where IS he? A few weeks ago, Tessa suggested that Lyric try wearing rose quartz every day, to open up her heart energy. This is the one she chose.

Eden spends her workday standing in a kitchen: sometimes on a TV set, sometimes in a restaurant, sometimes at a client’s house. But always standing. To help her feet, she only wears clogs to work. She’d wear them everywhere else, too, if her best friend, Devon, didn’t make such a fuss about it!

Fallon is constantly in airports, and staying at hotels, and working red carpets. What do those three have in common? Lots and lots of walking. Add in an AM dose of Pi-Yo, and you’ve got Fallon’s entire exercise plan. She uses her Fitbit every day to ensure she is always on target with fitness. After all, her work attire is usually ballgowns!

Gemma allows herself only two caffeinated beverages a day. (Both cups are English Breakfast tea, brewed extra strong, double cream, no sugar.) After that, she allows herself unlimited amounts of herbal teas. She drinks Tregothnan brand because it is tea that is actually grown and harvested in England. Real English tea!

Helaina is a world class chef. As such, and as the owner of dozens of restaurants, you’d think her kitchen would be jammed full of every kind of kitchen gadget, utensil, and pot. It’s not. She invests in one pot at a time, always of the best quality, and built to last a lifetime. She considers her shelves of colorful Le Creuset cookware to be the chef’s equivalent of a flower garden in bloom.

Ava may not cook, but she loves to set a beautiful table. She believes that eating together – as a family, or with friends – at a “properly dressed” table is not only good for the soul, but for digestion. No word yet if Science has undertaken studies to prove her theory correct.

Bonner writes for a living. She also writes just for herself. Since she was a young girl, journaling has been an important part of her life. She’s kept them all and plans to share them with her children one day. Well, all except the pages that feature Locke in a state of undress.

Chance loves to wear a bold red lipstick. It is her trademark style and one that no other Priya dares to duplicate. Chance is always on the go, always representing the fashion industry, and it inspires her to find make-up products with staying power. She knows she’ll look great, all day long.

Devon was raised sailing the shores of Massachusetts. She and her husband, Ory, also an expert sailor, keep a boat at the marina in Washington, DC. When it’s just the two of them out on the water, he becomes the pirate captain and she’s his lucky-in-love wench.

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