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Caroline Stanbury imagined as Zara Kane in the Priya Club novels
Caroline Stanbury imagined as character Zara Kane in the Priya Club novels.

Zara’s best friend within the Priya Club is Marah Prince.

The Henry Catron Hotel is a fictional hotel in the Priya Club novels.
Born only months apart, Zara is Ava’s slightly younger cousin, the daughter of Gracie’s sister. The family similarities are clear, in personality and interests, yet the two have followed different paths. For example, Ava loves to be on the planning side of events, while Zara lives to be the life of the party. Same coin, different sides.

Raised in the Georgetown section of NW Washington, D.C., Zara attended an all-girls private school within walking distance of her home. When it came time to apply to colleges, she submitted only one application: to Georgetown University. (Yes, still within walking distance of her childhood home, though she did choose to live in a townhouse a block from campus.) Born in the 20007 zip code, Zara fully intends to live out her entire life within it’s tiny borders. So far, she’s doing a great job of it.

Married at 24, Zara legally separated from her husband at the age of 29. A long, ugly divorce followed, with Zara holding her ground, resulting in the transfer of The Henry Catron Hotel, among other properties, into her sole ownership.

The Backstory

The Thrills

Keep an eye on this space for hints about the thrills in Zara’s story.

Who is this Priya's true love?
Who is this Priya's true love?

Keep an eye on this space for hints about the love in Zara’s story.

Sugar Kane Dessert Co is a fictional restaurant in the Priya Club novels

Helaina Karras owns “The Darlings,” a fleet of restaurants she designed that incorporates the particular lifestyles and favorite foods of the Priya Club members. Each woman eats and drinks for free at her namesake establishment.

P!nk - "So What"

Divorce is an awful, terrible, bitter journey. Just ask Zara Kane.

The awful part is that everything that was once private is not only made public, but is entered into the record books, for all to read. The terrible part is that she has two small children, the oldest in kindergarten, who will never know what it is to grow up in the same house with both their parents, as a loving family. The bitter part comes from being traded in for a “new” model before she’d even reached the age of thirty.

Zara blasts this song in the car, on repeat, everywhere she goes…so long as her children aren’t with her. She holds it all together when she’s with them, her precious babes, but everyone else gets a full dose of crazy as this angry, hurt woman comes apart.

And what has become of the old, and loved, Zara Kane? The Priyas have no idea. But they do believe in Edmund Spenser’s assertion: “For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.”

Paging Zara Kane!

What Readers Are Saying About AVA

AVA a Priya Club Novel by Ashley Barron

“I will say it again, I am amazed I didn’t figure out this mystery! Most the time I have a pretty good guess and I didn’t even have a guess with this book.”

“From the first chapter you are hooked. It is hard to put down. Great book. Can’t wait to read the next one.

“Ashley Barron has an uncanny ability for communicating the intricacies of human relationships. For that reason alone, I am looking forward to her next installment.”

“The plot develops nicely and never veers off course…and as it comes to its conclusion, you are left fulfilled, but craving more.

“I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more from the author, Ashley Barron. This book had humor, fun, suspense and much more.”

“Wasn’t expecting this to be such a good book, so I was thrilled to find it was. Look forward to reading the ones to follow it in the Priya series.”

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