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Olivia Wilde Imagined as Fallon Knight in The PRIYA CLUB Series by Ashley Barron
Olivia Wilde imagined as character Fallon Knight in the Priya Club novels.

Fallon Knight is the youngest member of the Priya Club. Native to Washington, D.C., she took off to explore the world on the day she turned 18. A long string of paparazzi followed along, for the ride, just as she had planned. After all, Fallon’s job is “being Fallon.” Knowing this part of her journey won’t last forever, she never wastes an opportunity to make headlines.

Her beloved father died when she was still in single digits. Her mother, a native Californian, returned to Beverly Hills a few years later, and has not been back to Washington a single time since. Fallon’s brother dutifully takes his family out to visit her twice a year.

Fallon’s best friend within the Priya Club is Ulrike Anderssen.

The official logo of Fallon Knight a charachter in Ashley Barron's Priya Club novels.
For everyone who has always wanted to be someone else, imagine how hard it is to be yourself, all the time, under the watchful eye of public scrutiny. That’s right; Fallon couldn’t do it, either. She lives a real life in an imaginary world…except when she’s inside the Priya Club circle. There, she is the youngest sister, always wanting to be included, sometimes being left out, always pushing her way back in.

Her twin brother, as handsome as she is beautiful, lives a life far removed from the one she has crafted for herself. Falcon (yes, great name) married very young, had kids right away, and spends more time than he’d like unsticking Fallon’s groupies from the edges of his life. He loves his sister and he wants her to choose a conventional life, one out of the spotlight, as much for her future as for his.

His pleas fall on deaf ears. He knows why. He knows what drives Fallon to do the things she does, in the she way she does them. Loud. Public. Unrelenting. And he loves her all the more for having an innate bravery he was born without, twin or no twin.



The Backstory

The Thrills

Keep an eye on this space for hints about the thrills in Fallon’s story.

Who is this Priya's true love?
Who is this Priya's true love?

Keep an eye on this space for hints about the love in Fallon’s story.

Checkmate is a fictional restaurant in the Priya Club novels by Ashley Barron.

Helaina Karras owns “The Darlings,” a fleet of restaurants she designed that incorporates the particular lifestyles and favorite foods of the Priya Club members. Each woman eats and drinks for free at her namesake establishment.

Fallon loves to flirt. Checkmate is a fictional restaurant in the Priya Club novels by Ashley Barron.

James Taylor - Sweet Baby James

Fallon’s favorite song is the one her dad, an amateur musician, loved to play on his guitar on quiet Sunday mornings, before her mother was awake. Sweet Baby James, was one he had joked was written for him, his name being James. A child, Fallon had believed it to be true.

What Readers Are Saying About AVA

AVA a Priya Club Novel by Ashley Barron

“I will say it again, I am amazed I didn’t figure out this mystery! Most the time I have a pretty good guess and I didn’t even have a guess with this book.”

“From the first chapter you are hooked. It is hard to put down. Great book. Can’t wait to read the next one.

“Ashley Barron has an uncanny ability for communicating the intricacies of human relationships. For that reason alone, I am looking forward to her next installment.”

“The plot develops nicely and never veers off course…and as it comes to its conclusion, you are left fulfilled, but craving more.

“I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more from the author, Ashley Barron. This book had humor, fun, suspense and much more.”

“Wasn’t expecting this to be such a good book, so I was thrilled to find it was. Look forward to reading the ones to follow it in the Priya series.”

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